Manuel Garrido Otero, the great-great grandfather of Garrido’s brothers, had a small shed of around 100 square meters, behind of the Grove’s harbor (Galicia, NW Spain) and in the same place where nowadays a broader shed is located.

Small sailing boats “dornas” and dinghies were the first vessels built in the boatyard. There the great grandfather of the current shipwrights, José Garrido Moldes, with his cousin, José Garrido Carrera and his two sons Ramón and Manuel Garrido Álvarez, built traditional Galician commercial sailing boats “dornas” and two 22 m length steamboats, called “Maria” and “Rosita”.


The next generation, that of the grandfather Manuel Garrido Álvarez, took the lead of the boatyard during the first 30’s, building boats as the “Voltaire”, a 14 m length traditional fishing boat to catch sardines, with an auxiliary petrol engine. Other examples of realizations were steamboats as “O’Meco” built in 1936.

During 60’s, the father of Garrido’s brothers, José Garrido Vidal, take over the family business, after the retirement of his father, Manuel Garrido Álvarez.

During that time were built the first mussel farms. This kind of work was not so exigent for the average skills of shipwrights, but helped them to overcome a difficult period.


Garrido’s brothers are four, one of them is chemist, but the other three, Pepe, Carlos and Fabián at the present time continue with the activity of the family at the same location in which many years ago their great-great grandfather established the boatyard.


In 2002 we receive the visit of H.M. the King of Spain, Juan Carlos the First, to check the state of the construction works of two sailing ships, named Silma and Sanxenxo.