Category: Shipbuilding


Traditional sailing dinghy “Gamela coruxeira” built using the traditional system; it is representative from the Vigo’s ria.

Santa Mariña

Santa Mariña: boat inspired in the Coruxo’s sailing dinghy, she was built in marine plywood additionally using epoxy resin layers and teak wood.


Small dory to practice sailing, she was designed accordingly to the wishes of the ship-owner. For her construction were used cedar and mahogany woods.

Dornas de tope

With the dawn of internal combustion engines the shape of the traditional “dornas” was modified, increasing their beam. The movement for the recovery of the maritime culture favored the construction… Read more »

Dorna Sara

A traditional sailing craft “dorna” built using the more innovative boatbuilding techniques: Strip-planking, conformable deck, equipped with kitchen, toilet, two beds, and with the most advanced electronic devices. The construction… Read more »


Small sailing dinghy from Coruxo built using mahogany wood for a customer from Germany.

Galeones de ría

They were the main coasting trade ships of Galicia. In 2002 Boatyard Garrido built two twin boats, named Silma and Sanxenxo, of 14 m length, ordered by the “Real Club… Read more »

Dornas Xeiteiras

Till now two traditional sailing boats “dornas xeiteiras/mecas” were built. In the past, this was the more representative boat of the Grove’s harbor, but disappeared during 60’s. Later, they were… Read more »


International racing sailing boat class ILC-30. She was built using fiberglass and epoxy resins using the vacuum technique.