Category: Renovations

Schooner Fleurtje

174 feet three masted Schooner. Review of elements of rigging, cleaning of cracks of the masts and repair of the same ones with epoxy resins. Works done in situ.

Cafe Atlantique

30 feet  marine plywood saiiboat. Repair of perforation in the hull and painted the same one.


In 2011 this yacht was completely restored, replacing the deck, bridge, and the pieces of furniture of the kitchen. Finally, for the exterior finish, she was painted and varnished.


Nocturne: Camper & Nicholson built in 1958. Several pieces of board of the hull were changed and some minor works in deck and bridge were carried out.

Miña Miniña

Miña Miniña received an integral treatment, from the paint to the laminated wooden deck- . This boat is a Tayana class 37 built in 1979 that was completely restored, including… Read more »


A sailing boat built at the end of 60’s in the Udondo’s Boatyard from Bilbao. The planking of the hull was partial replaced. Additionally, some other parts of the boat,… Read more »


14 m length commercial fishing ship built in 1958. This ship was carefully restored maintaining her traditional sailor’s spirit that is currently present in every corner of the vessel. Nowadays… Read more »


Zorba: 18 m length sailing yacht designed by Laurent Giles. The whole plumbing and most of the electrical installation were redone. We also undertook a complete overhaul of the hull… Read more »

La Peregrina

La Peregrina: Steel Ketch of 20 m length, she was designed by German Frers. The interior was restyled, replacing the deck of iroko by using teak wood. The hull was… Read more »